Student Testimonials

Jimmy and Brent,

Just wanted to extend my thanks again for the invitation given to participate in your gun class.  I had a great time and walked away with a broader understanding of guns and its laws.  You guys did a fantastic job teaching.  You were professional, you explained things thoroughly, took the time to explain everything that was important and you made safety a #1 issue.

But the one thing I appreciated the most was the patience and understanding both of you had when I had a hard time relaxing at the line.  Even though I need a lot of practice, you helped me step by step on what I need to correct.  That one on one is very important to a first time gun handler.  If I had different instructors, I don’t know that I would be holding my certificate today.

Your teaching method was “On Target”!!  Thanks for a great experience,

Andrea L.

Student Testimonials

I recently took the Concealed Carry Class put on by Strategic Weapons & Tactical Training. I cannot say enough good things about the class and instructors.   It was extremely educational, informative, and interesting.

They covered all aspects of gun safety, the internal functions of a handgun, critical thinking in a shooting situation, personal home protection and current legal issues and laws.

The safety and handling of a gun was very informative.  Much of the class had limited experience handling a gun and the instructors did an excellent job of making the entire class feel comfortable.

Once at the firing range, the instructors gave one on one time to each student.  At the end of the class, everybody was shooting better and extremely comfortable handling the gun.
On top of the excellent instruction, I was able to buy my ammunition directly from Strategic Weapons and purchase a Glock 19 from them that I was able to shoot at the class first to see how I liked it.  The price was excellent also!!

I plan on recommending this class to everybody who wants to either get their CCW permit or even for people who want to have a gun for home protection.

Thank You Brent and Jim!!

Tom Reynolds

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